Frequently Asked Questions About the License Verification Site



Question 1:The state to which I am applying for licensure will not accept an on-line verification.What can I do?

Answer 1:You may contact the MBOT and request that the Board office prepare a verification on your behalf, per COMAR (L), Verification of Licensure.


Question 2:I entered the personís name and the license type of Temporary Occupational Therapist.Why did the search not find the record?

Answer 2:The individual may have an occupational therapist license.Search again with just the personís last name.Or, you might have ďover-searchedĒ meaning you are entering more data for the search than you need.If you know the license number, donít enter any other search criteria.The more criteria you enter, the higher the likelihood that you have spelled something incorrectly.Whether you enter search criteria in two fields or in four fields, all search criteria must match in order to produce a matching record.So if you have the license number entered correctly, but misspell the last name, the search will fail.


Question 3:My search produced a list that fills the page, but only goes from A through G.Where are the rest of the records?

Answer 3:Scroll to the bottom of the page and notice a series of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4ÖThe results you are looking at for A through G are page 1.Click on 2, 3, 4, etc. to view the additional pages.


Question 4:My search produced over 20 pages of results.I am looking at the first page, containing licensees whose name starts with A, but want to get to W quickly.Is there a way to do this?

Answer 4:Notice that the column heading Full Name is underlined.Click on the words Full Name and the results list will be sorted alphabetically from Z to on it again to sort alphabetically from A to Z.Also be clicking on the column heading License Number you can sort the results list alphabetically by license number in ascending order.By clicking License Number a second time, you can sort the results alphabetically in descending order.


Question 5:I am having trouble navigating your site.Data does not display correctly.What am I doing wrong?

Answer 5:The site fully supports Internet Explorer versions 6.0 or higher and Netscape versions 5.0 or higher.


Question 6:Who can I contact for other questions?

Answer 6:Contact Marilyn Pinkney (410-402-8556) or Princess Roberts (410-402-8554) for verification questions and Jo-Ann Lane (410-402-8552) for website questions.